Broken Staff CRPG v0.3 with System Browser Utility Released

Milestone alert!

We launched our second release of the Broken Staff CRPG on November 11, 2014.

Broken Staff CRPG v0.3

In that version the XML was improved and upgraded substantially and we also included the first version of the System Browser utility written in C#.

The System browser was created to help people who are not into coding view the data in an easy to understand format.

We still encourage people to poke around the XML data files and see how they are laid out.

Broken Staff CRPG v0.3 – Release Details

What changed in this version of the system?

The biggest change was the filling in of the feats, spells and items files. They have seen a dramatic improvement over the previous version where they were mostly filler.

The feats and spell files around 50K and the items file has shot up to almost 100K. That is a pretty drastic size increase from the previous version.

As of v0.3 the data files appear about 80% finished.

Take a look at the Read Me file for more information.

Download Link

If for some reason the above link is down you can always get the v0.3 version here.

What’s Next? A Mini Roadmap

The next Broken Staff CRPG system release will be v0.4. That version should see the data files around 95% done, then we can concentrate more on the coding of the system. As of v0.4 the C# classes are rudimentary and filled in enough to create the system browser, so there is lots of room on that front. I would guess the codebase is currently at around 5-10% complete.

The v0.5 release will be the final alpha release and will see the character builder / combat testing simulator program released for the first time. This will mark the beginning of the system beta – by then I hope to have enough interest generated to get many, many testers. The beta released will all be about polish, testing for errors and then balance.

Sound good? Want to get involved? Use the download link about and grab yourself a version to browse through. After you’ve done so, make sure to comment here.


Broken Staff Studios

Broken Staff Studios is a small independent gaming studio based out of Ontario, Canada. We specialize in computer roleplaying games and are working on the open source Broken Staff CRPG system which we hope to finish by the end of 2022.