Introducing Aerth

What is Aerth?

Aerth is the ‘house’ world for our Broken Staff CRPG System.

The system is designed to be as world-agnostic as possible but for our own games they need to take place somewhere.

I will never be as great a world builder as a master like Tolkien. Or even a Martin.

So Aerth has a lot of developmental shortcuts to make the world building as quick as possible. The biggest being it is a shadow-reflection of our own world with fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements added to it.

It is also not very well defined yet, but that will hopefully come in time.

What is Aerth Like?

Judging from the name Aerth is obviously a lot like earth.

If you are familiar with the philosophical concept of possible worlds you will know that in some possible worlds you might be ten times your size or have blue skin.

In the same way Aerth is very much like our own earth except for a few small changes like:

  • What if like in Darklands all the old myths were a daily fact of life?
  • What if pervasive magic was introduced during the Middle Ages and caused civilization to abandon science since magic was easier and worked better?
  • What if Elves and Dwarves and Hobbits and Gnomes had existed along side humans since the beginning of creation and were ‘discovered’ at the same time?
  • What if the Cthulhu cycle deities are real and were physical servants created by the Devil to get around resistrictions on his demons acting in the physical world? They of course rebelled and now seek to rule all.
  • What if those ‘deities’ introduced necromancy and corrupting magics that altered humans to create a number of ‘beast’ races such as orcs, goblins, lizardmen etc as well as a large number of monsters which prey upon and kill humans?
  • What if demonic forces were also responsible for the fall of some of the elven peoples and these fallen elves became dark elves, cursed with black skin and black hearts for their betrayal.
  • What if these dark elves lead satanic cults that attempt to infiltrate and corrupt humanity?

Well that should give you a good introduction of the foundation of Aerth. I will provide more updates on an ongoing basis.

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill is the owner and creative director of Broken Staff Studios.