CRPG System Browser Utility Overview

System Browser Utility Overview

Starting with v0.3 of the system a utility has been included that lets you view the XML data in a more human readable form for those that are afraid of code. This system browser utility is meant to be a starter program that can help new developers learn how to use and integrate the Broken Staff CRPG system.

It also showcases the game system in its most basic tasks of reading, sorting and viewing the game data.

In the future more functionality will be added including documentation generators that will create HTML documentation for a selected sub-system which will help when making manuals or online help systems for any games built with the Broken Staff CRPG system.

So let’s take a look at what the System Browser looks like.

The Main Screen

System Browser Main Screen

The main screen is super simple. It is just a list of sub-systems. Select one and then click the Select Option button to view the data for that sub-system.

Note: In early versions of the system, some of the lower items might not be 100% correctly implemented.

The Races Screen

System Browser Races Screen

The first example we will look at is the races sub-system which is also the first item in the list on the main screen.

From here you have two options.

You can click the Main Menu button if you want to return to the main screen.

Or you can select a race and then click the Select Race.

And that brings us to the next screenshot.

A Sample Race

System Browser Dark Elf

In this example the Dark Elf race has been selected.

When the Select Race button is clicked a popup appears showing some of the details for that race.

Other parts of the viewer work similarly.

The Spells Screen

System Browser Spells Screen

Our next example is the spell screen. As you can see the spells here are the lower level mage spells.

Let’s select one and then see what kind of information shows up.

A Sample Spell

System Browser Flame Arrow Spell

In this example we see the spell details for Flame Arrow, a low level arcane spell.

I could go on, but the rest of the screens look similar to the ones listed above that you should get the idea.

Try It Out Yourself

The best way to get a feel for the system browser is to download the latest version of the system and try it out for yourself.

Do you have any suggestions? Anything I can improve in the code or the way the data is setup? One of the benefits to us in releasing the code and data for the system is we hope fans can give us insights on ways we can improve.


Broken Staff Studios

Broken Staff Studios is a small independent gaming studio based out of Ontario, Canada. We specialize in computer roleplaying games and are working on the open source Broken Staff CRPG system which we hope to finish by the end of 2022.