NWN2 Mod Mage Tome – Version 2 Development Update

After almost a month of development into version two of the mod Shadow Magic is moving along nicely.

What started as a ‘I wonder if I can implement Shadow Magic from Tome & Magic handbook’ has turned into hours and hours of research, testing, design and coding. It is exciting to see the concept finally take shape in the Neverwinter engine.

What’s the Project Status?

Here’s a quick look at the progress:

The base Shadowcaster class is complete up to twenty levels.

Most of the desired mysteries have been scripted. Some are still not working and a whole round of testing needs to be done to make sure they are all functioning correctly.

The Noctumancer prestige class is available for Arcane Casters who also have at least 3 levels of Shadowcaster.

The base Master of Shadows class is done except for an error in summoning its Shadow Servant. I implemented it using the Druid/Ranger’s animal companion system and then overode the companion with one of ten different versions of a custom shadow elemental monster. It was working last week but when testing today it no longer worked. This is one of the highest priority fixes that need to be done before release.

I am planning on using the Noctumancer as a template for a Shadow Magic version of the Mystic Theurge. Since the NWN2 doesn’t appear to allow two concurrent spellcasting class updates in a prestige class. If I use Noctumancer as a base a Shadow Theurge is just a Noctumancer without any special abilities. This will make Shadow Theurge a good end to a Wizard (or Sorcerer) / Shadowcaster / Noctumancer / Shadow Theurge dual-caster.

I’ve gone through all the 3.0 and 3.5 edition rulebooks to gather all the remaining wizard spells that will fit in good with the NWN2 engine. Even though arcane casters are the focus of this mod I also have a list of druid feats and spells to help improve the druid’s offensive capabilities.

My first set of actual spell updates related to spells based on [FORCE] and adding more options to the Invisible Needler reserve feat that Kaedrin implemented in his mod. I added about ten defensive and offensive spells and updated existing force spells to use the reserve feat and get ready for the Force Specialization feat from the Argent Savant class which will be added this version. Blast of Force, a couple of sweet level 5 defensive spells, Laeral’s Silver Lance, Halaster’s Blacksphere, Binding Chain of Fate and Chain Missile are all in. Now magic missile addicts have Magic Missile at level 1 (to be cast into the darkness), Chain Missile at level 3 and Snilloc’s Major Missile at level 5 all available.

Glancing over the list of spells that are left, there are many many that I am looking forward to implementing, particularly those related to battlefield control and debuffing.

What Can You Do to Help?

To recap the Shadow Magic system development is wrapping up and being tested. Some force related spells have also been implemented while I took a break from Shadow Magic testing related to a nasty bug. Development will continue and will take at least 1-2 more months.

We are currently looking for beta testers to check the update before release. If you wish to test please email Broken Staff Studios at brokenstaffstudios [AT] (Gmail with proper ending).

This release will be pretty large, and is an exciting second step for this mod for an older but great game. Just as Baldur’s Gate is great to return to AD&D 2nd Edition, NWN2 is a great way to play DND 3.5, which is a complex but wonderful implementation of DND.

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill is the owner and creative director of Broken Staff Studios.