Adding Force Magic to Neverwinter Nights 2

Two of my previous blog posts have outlined two major updates that are happening in the second release of the Mage Tome mod: shadow magic and the twin juggernaut arcane PRCs Incantrix and Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. This post will highlight the third major update to the mod: force magic.

By force magic I do not mean THE FORCE but force as in physics. Many new force related spells from Spell Compendium, Lost Empires of Faerun, City of Splendors: Waterdeep and other source books have been added. Plus we are adding the three PRCs I found that best fit the force magic theme: Force Missile Mage, Argent Savant and Abjurant Champion.

Force Missile Mage

Do you like attacking the darkness with magic missile?

If so then you’ll love the Force Missile Mage prestige class.

It focusses on magic missile and improving your usage of that iconic spell. You can get bonus missiles and have them penetrate shields.

Argent Savant

While Force Missile Mage specializes in one set of force related spells, Argent Savant specializes in all of force magic.

Any force related spell will get bonuses to hit and damage, armor related spells get bonuses as well.

When combined with FMM you will greatly increase your ability to use force magic.

Abjurant Champion

Another layer down from the Argent Savant is the Abjurant Champion, which focuses on Abjuration magic.

Some good defensive force spells like Shield are in the Abjuration so taking a few levels of Abjurant Champion can be quite beneficial.

The ability to extend all abjuration spells for free is also very powerful.

Wrapping Up

Force magic is an interesting sub-branch of magic used primarily for causing non-elemental blasting damage. There are some mixed use spells and some debuffer/battlefield control spells like Bigbys line but they are primarily like magic missile in dealing non-elemental damage to enemies.

The first two PRCs discussed deal with the offensive side of force magic and the last the defensive side. Abjurant Champion can also mix well with the two PRCs discussed in the last post, Incantrix and Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil.

With major development finished we are in the bug fixing phase now. Hopefully this will only take a few weeks and this mod can be released a few weeks before Christmas as Broken Staff Studio’s gift to crpg fans.

This is an exciting time for arcane casters who enjoy DnD 3.5 via NWN2. We are nearing the release. Check back often.

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill

Greg Caughill is the owner and creative director of Broken Staff Studios.