About Us

Broken Staff Studios – A Proud Indie CRPG Game Development Company

Broken Staff Studios is an independent game development studio that began in 2013 and was officially founded in 2015.

We are located in Ontario, Canada.

We play the games we are interested in. We make the games we like to play. We make mods for other people’s games. We talk about the game industry and try to make it better.

Our favourite games are turned based, party-based rpgs. We also like strategy and adventure games with rpg elements in them.

Our Mission & Values

We are against:

  1. Decline.
  2. Popamole.
  3. Corruption.
  4. Dumbed down games.

We are for:

  1. Incline.
  2. Excellence.
  3. Fun games.
  4. More people wearing monacles.

Our mission is to help in the indie gaming revolution. It started long before us, and needs everyone possible to be involved from developers to gamers to game journalists.

We remember the golden era of gaming where people in their basements churned out classic after classic and before huge corporations that cared only about profit used their advertising dollars to buy games journalists reviews.

We want to avoid a dark future where gamers will be forced to keep playing soulless crap from Big GameDev that costs more and more money for less and less quality.

Tired of waiting for the industry to transform, other small developers have led the charge by creating games like those from the golden era of gaming.

We want to support that effort as much as we can. The number one way we can support it is by making excellent games.

Another way is by education. As we learn things the hard way we’ll try to pass on what we have learned. And the open source CRPG we are developing will hopefully be a great starting point for the developers that come after us.

Where Does The Name “Broken Staff” Come From?

Saruman Dude... Your Staff Just Broke
“Saruman, your staff is broken!”

Here’s the relevant quote on page 235 of my copy of The Two Towers:

“Behold, I am not Gandalf the Grey, whom you betrayed. I am Gandalf the White, who has returned from death. You have no colour now, and I cast you from the order and from the Council.” He raised his hand, and spoke slowly in a clear voice. “Saruman, your staff is broken! There was a crack, and the staff split asunder in Saruman’s hand, and the head of it fell down at Gandalf’s feet.

Everyone likes to see the good guy win. In life it often seems like the little guy loses, the greedy and corrupt can bend the system and they don’t have to pay for their crimes.

Saruman sold out and betrayed his principles, his friends and those who counted on him. But in the end he got his karma as the “lesser” wizard defeated him.

In the same way we would like to help other game developers triumph over the poor quality games that Big GameDev make and the corrupt games journalists that promote their shoddy work for ad dollars.

At Broken Staff Studios we’ll help do that by:

  • Playing and modding the games we like
  • Making our own games
  • Promoting other good indie rpgs we find
  • Helping to get other enthusiasts into the indie game world by passing on what we have learned

You can contact us on Twitter at the company Twitter handle of @BrokenStaffStud or our Creative Director Greg Caughill’s personal Twitter handle @greg_caughill.

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  1. Hi, I downloaded your NWN2 mod, and am pretty excited to use it. None of the new features have descriptions or labels when selecting classes. Can you tell me what I did wrong? Thanks

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