CRPG Encounters

CRPG Encounters To finish up our v0.4 series of tutorials we will be looking at encounters. Encounters are bascially groups of monsters that your characters can fight. The default example that comes with the system is very basic, but you should be able to extend it without too much trouble. Encounters.xml Here’s a sample encounter: <Encounter>    <Id>arenalvl1d</Id>    <Name>Arena – Level 1 Humanoid Fight</Name>    <Description>This is a fight for level one characters in the arena.</Description>    <Group>arena</Group>    <OnceOnly>No</OnceOnly>    <EncounterType>combat</EncounterType>    <PartyLevel>1</PartyLevel>    <Monsters>       <Monster>          <Id>thug</Id>          <MinValue>1</MinValue>          <MaxValue>2</MaxValue>       <Monster>       <Monster>          <Id>fighter</Id>          <MinValue>0</MinValue>          <MaxValue>2</MaxValue>       <Monster>       <Monster>          <Id>apprenticemage</Id>          <MinValue>0</MinValue>          <MaxValue>1</MaxValue>       <Monster>       <Monster>          <Id>gaian</Id>          <MinValue>0</MinValue>          <MaxValue>1</MaxValue>       <Monster>    </Monsters> […]

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