NWN2 Mod Mage Tome Version 2 Launched

Broken Staff Studios is pleased to announce the launch of version 2 of the Mage Tome mod for Neverwinter Nights 2.

This project began in the early summer of 2015 and is now available for download on December 1, 2015 as an early Christmas present to fans of NWN2 and DnD 3.5.

Mage Tome is a mod that adds many PRCs (prestige classes) and spells for arcane spellcasters in Neverwinter Nights 2. It requires the base game plus the two expansions.

What Has Been Added in Version 2.0?

There have been three big changes included in the second launch of this mod:

  • Shadow Magic: An entirely new arcane magical system for NWN2, Shadowcasters takes their place alongside wizards, sorcerers, warlocks and bards. [READ MORE]
  • Incantrix & Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil: Two of the most powerful and popular PRCs for wizards in DnD 3.5 are now available. [READ MORE]
  • Force Magic: Three PRCs dealing with force abilities and multiple spells with the force descriptor have been added. [READ MORE]

In addition to the changes listed above the Diabolist PRC has been added, bronze and black dragon familiars are available to wizards and 71 new spells have been added to the game.

So Just What is Included?

The original NWN2 with its two expansions had 249 arcane spells. Version 1 of Mage Tome added 122 more while this version adds an additional 71 arcane spells and 66 shadowcaster mysteries.

Below is a chart which documents the breakdown of where the spells are added:

Spell Level Base NWN2 Spells Version 1.0 Spells Version 2.0 Spells Version 2.0 Mysteries
Lvl 0 7 5 3 9
Lvl 1 29 14 18 8
Lvl 2 37 10 20 8
Lvl 3 29 12 12 7
Lvl 4 33 27 12 8
Lvl 5 25 15 5 7
Lvl 6 33 11 2 7
Lvl 7 20 7 1 6
Lvl 8 19 8 4 6
Lvl 9 17 8 1 6
Total 249 122 71 66

The following list will highlight some of the new arcane spells by level:

  • Level 0: Caltrops, Disrupt Undead
  • Level 1: Benign Transposition, Blockade, Kauper’s Skittish Nerves
  • Level 2: Baleful Transposition, Kelgore’s Grave Mist, Seeking Ray
  • Level 3: Bands of Steel, Chain Missile, Sleet Storm
  • Level 4: Dimension Door, Ray of Deanimation
  • Level 5: Stop Heart, Wall of Stone
  • Level 6: Ray of Light
  • Level 7: Antimagic Ray
  • Level 8: Avascular Mass, Halaster’s Blacksphere
  • Level 9: Binding Chain of Fate

See the ReadMe file for a complete list of what has been added in this version of Mage Tome.

Where Can I Get the Mod?

You can download the mod from a number of NWN2 and mod related websites such as the Neverwinter Nights Vault which has done a great job of preserving many of the great modules for the game.

You can also get Mage Tome from the mods page on this website.

Get Mage Tome Version 2.0


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